For this project, I was asked to make an ad that used typography created from scratch. I debated whether I wanted to do something digital since I had experience doing that already, but I ended up wanting to physically work with materials to make the type instead. Working in digital design has made me crave tangible work, so I was eager to prepare and execute this ad I had chosen to do for Boar's Head mustard.
I decided to not only make the type but each element of the ad. I set up a chalkboard with leftover chalk marks as well as a charcuterie board to sell the mustard as an addition to a meat and cheese spread. I then used a paper template I cut out to sprinkle a few different spices into the words, "Spice up", and then filled in the template with the actual mustard for the words "your board". I wanted to give an idea of what the flavors of the mustard were through real ingredients rather than extra copy. I then took a photo of the ad and finalized it in Photoshop.

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